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I am currently ONLY selling impellers.  I make new Impellers for outboards from 5hp up to 60hp. 



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I have around 120 large plastic totes full of new parts, many still in packages, for Scott Atwater, Elgin, McCulloch, and Firestone motors.  Anything from points and condensers to props, pistons, rings, gaskets, knobs...everything.  I'm looking to sell the entire lot to one person.  No pickers.  If you want it, you take it all.  I'm asking $6,000 for the lot (price could be negotiable).  Theres too much to ship, you would have to pick it up.


I also sell parts manuals (Copies, not originals)

I only make and sell the impellers.


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History Of The Scott-Atwater Outboard Company

C.E. Scott and H.B. Atwater owned a small tool making and punch press operation. They had started the business in 1932. In 1935 a gentlemen named DuMonte approached them to build a small outboard for him to sell. The motor was put on display at a New York exhibit. Report has it that several hundred of the outboards were ordered. Before the motors were turned over to DuMonte they installed some decals of the name CHAMPION. They were still doing their tool and punch press operation as well as building outboards.


In 1939 DuMonte landed a contract with Firestone to sell the CHAMPIONS in their tire stores. This forced both C.E Scott and H.B. Atwater to start building outboards full time. In 1941 Scott and Atwater with their CHAMPION outboards were the second largest outboard manufacturer in America. At that time only Evinrude was larger. This relationship with DuMonte and the CHAMPION outboards went from 1935 until 1942. World War 2 had forced most machine shops to doing military work and Scott and Atwater were no exception. After the war DuMonte decided to build his own motors. Firestone still wanting outboards stayed with Scott and Atwater to supply their motors.


In 1946 FIRESTONE and SCOTT-ATWATER outboards hit the market. They offered a 3.6 hp in 1946, adding the 7 1/2 in 1947. By 1949 their line had grown to a 3.6, 4, 5, and 7 1/2 hp. the 4-7 1/2 outboards were available with full shift F-N-R. Making them the first outboard company with a line of shift motors. 1950 offered in addition a 16 hp shift motor. In 1951 they added a 10 hp. This brought their line in 1951 to a 3.6, 4, 5, 7 1/2, 10 and a 16 hp. This same year brought the speed designations on the line of outboards. The numbers that have been seen on the cowlings were for a speed rating. 1-12 would be a 3.6 hp. It would push a boat from 1 to 12 mph. This speed designation was only used in 1951 and 1952. You can check the YEAR LOCATER to see all the models and years as well as the speed designations.


In 1952 the 4 hp was dropped from the line. 1953 brought on the Golden Pennant. A dark green bottom and a gold top. This was only used on the 7 1/2 and the 10 hp. This new color scheme with the addition of the two outboards being a thin motor with a band and a cowling that split down the middle didn't sell as well and was only run that one year.


In 1954 the invention of the Bail-A-Matic was introduced on the 5, 7 1/2, 10 and 16 hp motors. This feature would allow you to drop a small unit in the bottom of a boat and a hose would lead to the outboard where it would bail. Click BAIL-A-Matic to learn more. In these early years most boats were wood and as we all know had the tendency to leak a little water. This feature didn't win the population over. It had its share of problems and was no longer advertised as a top feature.


In 1955 they introduced their 30 hp outboard. In 1956 it was changed to a 33 hp. Their line for 1956 was a 3.6, 5, 7 1/2, 10, 16 manual start, 16 electric start and a 33 hp. This same year Scott-Atwater was approached by McCulloch to buy the outboard operation. Scott-Atwater did sell out this same year. 1956 also saw the last year of the Corsair outboard. An outboard that Scott-Atwater had produced since 1946. (I will list the other outboards Scott-Atwater produced at the bottom of this page.)


In 1957 the 33 hp became a 40 hp. Although the name Scott-Atwater was still on the cowling they called themselves Scott. Also in 1957 the fiberglass cowling appeared on some of the outboards. 1958 saw the beginning of their new 60 hp that was a 3 cylinder. The name on the outboards eventually became Scott and Scott-McCulloch. By 1964 all of the motors were changed to McCulloch. Because I am a Scott-Atwater fan while Cliff Scott and Bruce Atwater owned them I only follow the years from 1935 to 1957. All I really know about McCulloch is that sometime in the mid to late 60's they stopped producing the outboards. I hope this has allowed you to learn more about these outboards and the two early pioneers in the outboard industry. 


This list is of the outboards that Scott-Atwater produced. Some of these models were picked up by other companies as with the case with Firestone.

Champion outboards    1935-1942

Scott-Atwater             1946-1959

Firestone Outboards    1946-57* may have been into 1958

Corsair Outboards       1948-1957

Hiawatha                   1956-1959* may have been into 1960.

Wizard                       1959-? This was only added because in 1959 and or 1960 the Bail-A-Matic feature was on some of these outboards that McCulloch produced for Western Auto.


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